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Contributing to Dendrite

Everyone is welcome to contribute to Dendrite! We aim to make it as easy as possible to get started.

Please ensure that you sign off your contributions! See Sign Off section below.

Getting up and running

See for instructions on setting up a running dev instance of dendrite, and for the code style guide.

We use gb for managing our dependencies, so gb build and gb test is how to build dendrite and run the unit tests respectively. Be aware that a list of all dendrite packages is the expected output for all tests succeeding with gb test. There are also scripts for linting and doing a build/test/lint run.

Picking Things To Do

If you're new then feel free to pick up an issue labelled good first issue. These should be well-contained, small pieces of work that can be picked up to help you get familiar with the code base.

Once you're comfortable with hacking on Dendrite there are issues lablled as help wanted, these are often slightly larger or more complicated pieces of work but are hopefully nonetheless fairly well-contained.

We ask people who are familiar with Dendrite to leave the good first issue issues so that there is always a way for new people to come and get involved.

Getting Help

For questions related to developing on Dendrite we have a dedicated room on Matrix where we're happy to help.

For more general questions please use

Sign off

We ask that everyone who contributes to the project signs off their contributions, in accordance with the DCO.